there’s a house i pass by on route to the coffee shop. it’s has a pond in the front yard, actually the pond is the yard, we are downtown and the yards are small. the front path is a little wooden bridge over the pond and there’s a small fountain in the middle of the pond. when you peer over the fence there’s reeds and rocks and flashes of orange. goldfish! downtown! giant goldfish! goldfish that the urban racoons haven’t eaten! as big as the racoons are in these parts these goldfish are almost as large. as the weather chilled down last fall I watched the goldfish, they swam slower and slower. i was waiting for the day they wouldn’t be there because they’d gone to an aquarium somewhere however that day didn’t come. the pond froze over and i wondered what the fish were doing down there. how can they live under ice? spring rolled around and i wandered by, there were the flashses of orange. they must be the same fish because they’re huge. what do they eat all winter? it’s a mystery.

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