green on board!

oh boy, i have a garden! did i mention that we don’t have refrigeration on the boat? you get used to room temperature cocktails and wine, not a problem. the biggest problem is vegetables. do you have any idea how fast a head of broccoli wilts when it’s 90 degrees F? you can count the minutes on 2 hands. lettuce, spinach? forget it. buy it, rush back to the boat and consume immediately. and it’s not like i’ve got tons of space for a garden. so here’s a little experiment of mine, fresh basil in a bag. open the bag, add water and look, only 2 days later i have plants!!! so exciting, at this rate i’ll have fresh basil for a tomato salad in another few days! just as long as the plant doesn’t go flying across the room when we tack, and i remember to water it, and the sun doesn’t scorch it, and no salt water splashes on it…. stay tuned, i’m going to document the daily growth.

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