Greetings, salutations, best wishes to all.

While I had grand plans for blogging daily in the brand new year I find it is already 4 days into it. Grand plans are already being thrown aside I have decided that resolutions are right up there with diets and budgets, too silly for words.
Yet I have something super exciting to share with you my loyal friends, feast your eyes upon this….

What, you are not wowed, amused, staggered, blown away by the fabulousness of this? What, you cannot identify this? Actually it took me a bit to be staggered myself as this is a site rarely seen.

This is the carpet in my studio.

You can see the carpet.

All of it.

That means that the floor is clear of detritus. There are no bins of inventory, no piles of packaging, no stacks of packages waiting to be mailed, no towers of glass rods, just a wide vast view of green carpeting. And I can see the counter top of my workbench! And I can see a tidy bookshelf! And the surface of my glass table!

For the first time since moving into this studio (last May) I can breathe. I’m taking the month of January to completely tidy and organize – maybe even get ahead. Like we say on the boat, A place for everything and everything in its place.

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