HELP! i need a 12 step program

my name is catherine and i am a notebook addict.
there. i’ve admitted it, maybe now i can get some help. what can i say? i LOVE notebooks. although i’m working up my arm muscles carrying all this around, it’s time for a cull as my bag is ridiculously heavy and large. it always begins innocently enough, a single notebook for jotting down ideas when you get them because ideas have a way of fleeing when you’re looking for them. you wouldn’t want to sketch designs in the same book as reminders to yourself to buy milk, so a second notebook joins the first. and you wouldn’t want to put business notes and ideas in with jewelry doodles, they’re way too different. so a third notebook jumps into my purse. now sometimes i write a bit, story ideas, scribbles and those require a large page and really don’t mix with jewelry doodles or business stuff. and you can’t write in a small notebook, that’s why i have the school exercise book. and i’m not even sure how the 5th and 6th book got there, i think they breed in my purse. (which is actually a knapsack).
what i really need to do is fill all these up with the brilliant little blurbs floating around in my tiny brain. because once these notebooks are full then I get to buy new ones!!! even though i have a shelf of new empty notebooks staring at me…
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  1. Kerri says:

    i’d like to join that support group as well! i will never run out of notebooks. i will have to live a very long life to fill them all. maybe that is why i continue to buy them…

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