here’s the new sail!

not all of it, still working on that, however this is a decent shot. it is absolutely fabulous!!! we are SO much faster now! especially because the last sail had an accident and was held together with duct tape. (yes duct tape, it’s way better than sail repair tape).

the new sail is a 135% coastal cruising sail. 135% means that 35% of it extends beyond the mast. because it’s so new and crisp we are able to point much better, meaning that we can sail closer into the wind. sailboats can’t sail directly into the wind, we sail to a degree off on either side, that’s what tacking is. we aim to sail 45 degrees off the wind on either side. with this lovely new sail we can point better than 45, fabulous!

a huge thank you to all who participated in my valentines sail/sale and contributed to this sail.

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