HUGE news! A showroom!

A showroom! Me! My jewelry! Oh boy!

Ever since I opened my own studio you have asked, “can we come to your studio and buy jewelry?”

And I have answered, No. Because my current studio is a working studio. Meaning it’s small and crowded and full of pointy sharp things and equipment. There is no display space. All my jewelry is in a couple of shoe boxes. There’s bits of glass all over the place. It’s totally functional and doesn’t look very pretty. I love it.

I’d like you to come over but just not here. So here is the solution, Flux + Form. I’ll be joining 2 goldsmiths, Kim Drosdick and Suzanne Crudden. I have 4 display cases FULL of jewelry! All the time! Even when I disappear and go sailing there will be lots and lots of jewelry for you to play with!

Flux + Form is located in downtown Toronto, 116 1/2 Sherbourne St (just north of Richmond). The store is open Thursday, Friday, Saturday 12 – 6. I personally will be there every Friday 12 – 6. If you want to come at a different time, just call me and I’ll make sure I’m there. If you want to shop when I’m there but can’t make it on a Friday just call. I’ll be there.

I’m officially open there as of this Friday, October 10 2008. Stay tuned for details of the opening party!


Flux + Form
116 1/2 Sherbourne
Toronto, ON
(just north of Richmond)
Thursday, Friday, Saturday 12 – 6
Me: I’m there every Friday or call to arrange to meet me

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  1. Congratulations!!! Can’t wait to come by and see all your yummy goodies is one spot. Please make sure you add me to the invitation list.

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