I am a cat girl.

If we meet in the street as you’re walking your dog, don’t take it personally when I don’t gush all over Fido. I’m sure your dog is really cute and you love him to bits. It’s not you, it’s me.

I am a cat lover.

The difference is that I like some dogs. I LOVE all cats.

While I don’t cruise through the internet oohing and aahing over the bazillion of cute kitty photos, occasionally I see something that is just so darn fabulously cute I have to stop. And oooohhh. And aaaahhhh. And squeal with delight! Check out CatAtelier on Etsy. Cat clothes!!! What a model, his name is Toki.

While I am currently catless, I may have to adopt one just so that I can dress it up. I’m just not sure how you would do that without a giant size bottle of valium for both you and the cat.

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