I. Am. A. Machine

I am a bead-making machine!!! Check out yesterdays production run!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!! and all so pretty and lovely. You know what I need know? A bead cleaning elf. Each bead has to be pulled off the mandrel with vise grips, soaked in water and then the bead release (icky gray mud) has to be cleaned out with a diamond tip drill. Done under water. Ick. Yuck.

On my upcoming studio equipment buying list? A Breville espresso machine like I have at home. I need lattes to keep up this pace.

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2 Responses to “I. Am. A. Machine”
  1. Louise Gale says:

    oh what a glorious burst of color! These are wonderful and yes you are a machine! You have such vibrant colors in your work. Sending you positive vibes for the bead cleaning elf to appear at your door very soon. :-)

  2. I had no idea … so much work and with Heat and machines … N awe!

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