i’m famous!!!

OK, so maybe famous is a bit strong. Sailorgirl Jewelry was spotted international!

One thing I love about sailing and cruising are the people you meet. Friendships are formed quickly and deeply. 6 years have passed since I hung out with my friend Becky on Polaris. They headed down the Western Caribbean and we stayed around the Bahamas. One day last April we were strolling through the Green Parrot bar on our way back to the dinghy dock when out of the blue we hear our names. And I knew that voice. Becky!!!

Over a couple of Kaliks we exchanged news and stories. She knew all about Sailorgirl Jewelry, she had spotted it on several other women – in the Rio Dulce in Guatemala! The Rio Dulce is a hurricane safe spot for cruisers over the winter. Cruisers wear Sailorgirl Jewelry, well, cruisers who have friends or relatives in the Toronto area. Apparently it’s very popular to send my work to sailing friends! But of course!

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