i’m going sailing!!!!!!!!!

oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy! OH BOY! oh boy oh boy OH BOY!!!


for a brief interlude in time we debated on staying the winter in the tundra we call home. it would be the responsible thing to do. the house renovations could progress. i’d get ahead in jewelry production.

but wait a minute. i’m Sailorgirl. i run Sailorgirl Jewelry. how can Sailorgirl be land bound? especially when the temperature drops to a nostril numbing -20? now that would just be silly! it is part of my job to go sailing. i’m not doing this just for me, oh no, i’m not that selfish. i’m off to the wild blue yonder in order to send back pretty pictures for you! i shall venture forth with the wind in my hair and the salt spray on my face so that i have tales to regale you with, so that i can imbue this blog with a whiff of salt and the crunch of sand.

2 more weeks!

and yes i do promise that i shall update my webstore before i go. it will remain open while i am away gathering ideas and inspiration. and my showroom in toronto will also remain open. the only thing missing will be me! you will find me here on this blog.
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