inspiration… and lunch

It was a gorgeous day, brilliant blue sky, sunshine and perfect temperatures. On a Saturday!!! Definitely a day for a trip to St Lawrence farmers market. I do like cooking and eating and I absolutely love grocery shopping. So much so that my fridge is always way overloaded because I just have too many ideas when in a food shop. And a farmers market, good grief. It’s all just so pretty, and there’s so many delicious things just screaming EAT ME. I biked down with one knapsack, that is all I am allowed to buy (it was a big knapsack). Of course not only did I overbuy (oh so tasty how can anyone resist?) I came away with a bazillion new bead ideas. The beets I shall roast and toss with orange slices, red onions, parsley and olive oil. And won’t these colours make an amazing bead?

And the fiddleheads. I have to admit they aren’t my favourite, maybe I just haven’t found the right recipe. However I do think they’re gorgeous and I shall be making fiddlehead beads. Such a delicious green.

Don’t even get me started on the eggplants and the peppers.

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