inspirations comes from…
staring into my backyard, watching bees, the family of blue jays living in the cottonwood tree (which until now has been the tree i hate most on the planet), pulling weeds and getting lost in the shape of the leaves, leaves, leaves and more leaves, our summer of clouds, wandering around the vegetable market, making meals based on a colour – tonight we’re having orange! – yes, i made a four course meal that was completely orange, ice cream, watching ice melt, national geographic photos, old books, doodles, fabric stores,
inspirations right now comes from anything that means i get to wander around and avoid doing any work.

however i’ve not been totally idle. check these out!!! i am SO excited, they turned out!!!!! and as soon as it gets a bit cooler i’ve got oodles of ideas of nifty glass to surround these with…

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