inspiring awesomeness!!!

Last night I biked down to Indigo, the large bookstore downtown for one of my favourite events, an author evening. I love hearing authors speak on book tours! I’m admire those who can write a book, it’s such a massive undertaking. And this one proved to be an awesome, inspiring event. Chris Guillebeau wrote the $100 Startup, currently on my bedside table and already read twice. Chris writes about living a life of non-conformity and taking control of your own freedom. He has never held a “job”, choosing self-employment over a cubicle. And he is on a personal mission, he wants to visit every country on the planet before he is 35. At 34 he is just a few countries away from his goal, how awesome is that!!! 
Some highlights: Be fundamentally curious. Be responsible for your own way. Your life counts. Define your own success. For those who want more freedom. Inspiration combined with action. Are you making the world a better place? 

Words to live by. Words for a Sailorgirl.
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