wonder week

As I ran into my studio the day after returning home I had one focus, make new work!!! I have a sketchbook full of ideas and 3 shows in the next 3 weeks! Make new work! Make more beads! Find where all my beads are! And I looked around and realized, heck, I have a LOT of beads on my table! Like, an insane amount of beads. Except that I want to make new ones. After 13 years of beadmaking I have a boatload of beads. And jewelry. Except that it isn’t new. So what do I do with it? I strive to constantly have new and exciting things for you to see in my booth every year and making new work keeps me fresh. I produce work in collections each based on a storyline from my life. A lot of the beads on my bench no longer fit my current collections and look out of place in my booth. Hm. What to do, what to do. 

Introducing the Wonder Week. 

Every day for one week I will post new jewelry using only beads I currently have on my bench. Some days I’ll make one piece, some days I’ll make 10 pieces. They will be random work, all one of a kind. Priced very attractively. Some of these are ideas that I decided not to pursue further, some will be from collections that are now retired. I wonder what I’ll come up with … 

The very first Wonder Week begins on Saturday May 27 and continues to Friday June 2. All pieces will be posted here on the blog, on Facebook and listed in the online shop.

Oh boy!!!


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