it’s historic building day!
along with napoleons tomb (which i might add was mighty large for such a supposedly small man), there was a fantastic display of armour on our first stop today. i had no idea it was so detailed. these designs are not painted on, they use a metalsmithing technique called repousse. Repousse means using a hammer from the opposite side to form a raised design. the detail in this suit is unbelievable. 
then there was colour, glorious colour. when the sun shone through these it was like being inside a rainbow. again, unbelievable detail. 

as a lover of spirals the staircases in the historic buildings are a visual treat. and quite the workout. no, we aren’t taking the stairs to keep fit. there are no elevators. this is not a city for the out of shape. this set of stairs is in the arc de triomphe. 

and last, how can i not love a city where a cheese has it’s own billboard in the subway? and did you see the fabulous little lime green seats? a cheese! on a billboard!!! 

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