i’ve been a busy bee

My fabulous new space has opened the floodgates on my productivity! I’m just checking off that to do list not only of the nasty tasks (3 tax returns, ick, ick and ick) but of some of the fun ideas that have been floating around in my tiny brain for say, i don’t know, a couple of years!

One of those ideas has just come to fruition. I am proud to announce my brand new venture – Bonjour World Jewelry.

Bonjour World Jewelry is a line of work inspired by the wondrous world around us. It is nature based, adventurous and full of dreams.

Bonjour World Jewelry is where my silver work lives. All my glass work will continue to live over at Sailorgirl Jewelry. Combining the two was just a bit too cluttered and unfocused. Each deserves it’s own space to grow.
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  1. you have been busy-good for you! Popping in from the Flying Lessons e-course.-Robin

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