je mange… i eat
oh how i eat. we had a bit of a celebration on friday, MY BIRTHDAY!!!! yes, I just might have mentioned it  about a thousand times. what the heck. sunset up the Eiffel tower, and yes they serve the wine in plastic glasses. the city lights sparkling were fantastic.

i love food. not only do i love to eat, i love to cook and i find food very inspiring. i could wander around the veggie section of a market for hours looking at colours and shapes. and here? OMG. the french make food just so so so pretty. and the markets have flower stalls. if i wasn’t playing with hot glass and jewelry i would do something with food. maybe i’ll make galettes, buckwheat crepes, i can have a stand in a market and all the galettes would be beautiful and garnished with fresh herbs. 

every where i turn there are flowers. is this not the prettiest flower shop? they are tiny, just beautiful collections of the finest. 

and last night we went to Nuit Blanche!!! it’s hard to capture a lot of it, this was my favourite. in a gorgeous courtyard there were huge bubble machines enveloping the crowd with flocks of giant bubbles that were all lit in different colours. it was like being in a dream. lovely, it made people smile. and it made me want to make lovely bubble jewelry. 
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