June 2016 giveaway

life is a beach necklace by sailorgirl jewelry

Help me out here people. As much as I love every single bead and piece of jewelry I make I can’t make all of them all the time. So I will continue to make those that others love too. What I am asking from you is to please vote on your favourite piece from this years 30 Day Challenge.

A winner will be drawn at random in early July and will receive one of my Life is a Beach necklaces!

To enter the giveaway: leave a comment below and tell me your favourite piece in the 30 30 Challenge.

You can see all the work here. 

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24 Responses to “June 2016 giveaway”
  1. Felicity Rodness says:

    My favourite is the Silver Shell necklace – I love that it came from an actual shell you found on the beach!!! Please keep making that one – don’t let it be just a 30 pieces in 30 days… Not far behind as my other favourite are the glacier bead necklace – all the glacier beads are beautiful so keep them in your new pieces.

  2. Suzanne Wheeler says:

    I love the Water Nugget Dangle necklace…

  3. Denise Couture says:

    My favourite is the Spring Fling bracelet. I love that colour combination.
    Have a great summer.

  4. Kristen Ferris says:

    I just love the water opal pendant! Fabulous!

  5. Brenda Roach says:

    It’s so hard to pick one…all of your pieces are beautiful!
    I think my favourite is the Glacier necklace!

  6. Susan McEvoy says:

    My favourite is the cluster earrings because they are a nice new way to showcase your unique flamework beads and they compliment other pieces that you already make. They sky’s the limit as far as other colour combinations go…

  7. I love the colourful kickass coco necklace. I love that the beds are all different shape and color, but to be truthful I love most of the pieces.

  8. Jacqueline says:

    The Silver Shell necklace is my favourite. Just love it and love how it was made.

  9. Joan Coutanche says:

    My favourite is the fiesta pinwheel necklace. I love the fun shot of colour that it would give to an outfit.

  10. I love all your jewelry as I always follow you to the Cobourg Waterfront Festival. My absolute favorite is Day 1 The Water Opal earrings. They are mesmerizing. You look at them and see camp fires on the beach, blue skies, white caps on the water, clouds in the sky, beautiful shades of pristine blues, azures and turquoise waters, and pink and orange sunsets on the water. :)

  11. Heather McGregor says:

    So difficult to choose but my absolute favourite are the Water Opal Earrings – colours are stunning!

  12. Kari Lie says:

    For me it’s a tie between the water opal earrings and the ocean at night earrings. Both are gorgeous!

  13. Lynne Smith says:

    Love your work and have several pieces!! Just ordered a pair of the lilac cluster earrings online…I wear purples and pinks often and these will be perfect!!

  14. Tobyn says:

    Happy almost summer! Looking forward to seeing you in Muskoka!
    Love the colour of the glacier necklace, the shape and the silver just adds a pop!

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  16. Lisa L. says:

    I loved the ocean at night earrings! I was drawn to them instantly.. it might be because those are the colors I wear a lot.. or just because they’re awesome.

  17. Pat says:

    Little Lilac necklace… LOVED the colors.

  18. Caroline says:

    I love the ocean crystal necklace. It looks frothy & light. Reminds me of some of the beautiful necklaces worn in the Good Witch movies.

  19. Vickie says:

    Love the blue most.thanks for the offer

  20. Shannon says:

    My favourite is the lilac cluster necklace.

  21. Ali says:

    Lilac cluster necklace is my favorite and I hope to purchase it for my Mum. I wore my sea spray earrings today, they are so special, unlike anything I have seen before. Your jewelry is so unique❤️❤️

  22. Ruth Cameron says:

    I LOVE so many of them…have to say the Canada Day bracelet, which I have already ordered…but also the green sea spray earring and bracelet…I know the blues are always beautiful, but for someone who wears greens too, they’re are beautiful…my next purchase for sure!!

  23. Judith Perry says:

    It’s hard to narrow it down, but I am going to go with the sea spray necklaces. Honestly, if I had yo guess what was in your mind as you were creating them, I would have said “sea spray”.

  24. Paula says:

    My favorites are the water opal necklace and the glacier necklace

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