karma for kiva

One day as we were motoring along in our dinghy in a busy harbour we heard that dreaded sputtering sound. The little engine coughed, coughed again and then died. Argh. As we drifted along into the mangroves another dinghy came to our rescue and towed us over to the shore. Together we figured out the problem and fixed it. Yay!

A week later the situation repeated itself only this time it was us who did the rescuing and towing. When living on a boat stuff happens and when there’s a problem everybody chips in to help because you never know if it will be you that needs help next time. This is just good karma.

Karma: the belief that what goes around comes around. Yes, I believe in karma. I believe in the sharing of information, of friendship and of resources. I also believe strongly in entrepreneurship and the power of people to succeed when given the resources.

Here in Canada we are incredibly fortunate. We have enough. We actually have far more than we need. When there is a catastrophe in the world we open our purses to help those in need. And that is a good thing. However I believe that in the spirit of karma it’s important to share all the time not just at those moments of dire need. It is because of these beliefs that I have picked Kiva as my organization of choice.

Kiva is an organization that provides micro loans to entrepreneurs in developing countries. As a lender, you view the profiles of borrowers and decide who and where your money is going. For my first Kiva loan I chose a Mongolian tinsmith. Some of my subsequent loans have included a Columbian food stall owner, an Ecuadorian group of women weavers and a Mongolian butcher. I favour women in either the crafts industry or the food industry. Many of these women are single mothers who are looking to better their lives and to educate their children.

My Karma necklace is a simple sterling silver circle, hammered to reflect the light. A circle to remind you that what goes around comes around. 25% from every sale of a Karma necklace will be given to Kiva so that another woman has a chance to get ahead.

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