late night panic!

argh argh ARGH! Scream! Panic! First show of the season this weekend (Windsor Art in the Park) and my brain is still on vacation. Where is everything??? I’m sure I put my walls on the top shelf in the basement and now I can’t find the tent walls. And I can’t find the free weights! As of 10 minutes ago the weather forecast is for high winds meaning the tent needs to be staked down, tied down, and have free weights hung from the corners. Yes I obsessively check the weather forecast for days before each show. After the mini-tornado and hail storm at Gravenhurst last August I mean to have enough heavy weather equipment to hold down a fort. Thank goodness I understand windy conditions, it’s a bit like being on a sailboat, you just have to batten everything down. I know I made myself notes about what I needed at the end of last season, so where did I put my notes? First show is always a scramble because something critical will be left in the basement. I meant to have all new photos for the booth, won’t happen for Windsor. Sorry Windsor. There is oh so much more to doing a craft show than just showing up and laying your jewellery out on a table. People have no idea of the work that’s involved pulling this all together. I teach a workshop called “How to have a successful craft show” (see for more information) and it’s always amusing to watch new crafters begin to realize what’s involved. I love when friends show up, it’s always mid-afternoon and the sun is shining, people are smiling and buying, it’s always perfect. They look at me and say “oh you’ve got such a great job”. Well, yes, I do. I love craft shows. And when they work they’re so much fun! Of course my friends aren’t there schlepping a 75 lb tent through grass at 6 a.m. Or pricing work at 2 a.m. (which is what I’m doing as soon as I finish this blog entry). Or digging through a crowded basement looking for free weights.

So join me in a little dance for the Sun Gods, the wind gods and any other deity you can think of. I’ll make them an offering, offer them a toast and fingers crossed this weekend (and the next) will be perfect weather.

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