let the chaos begin

the night before i went on vacation my fabulous sister came over and cleaned my studio. personally i thought i had cleaned it, the stuff i left all over the place was to remind myself of stuff i needed to do. as she pointed out if i wasn’t there to see it i couldn’t be reminded of it so it may as well be put away. good point.

when you walk into a totally clean studio it’s a wonderful feeling. images of all that you could make run through your brain, visions of relaxed afternoon puttering around flit across your mind. and then reality intrudes by way of the rather grueling show schedule in your hand and the panic sets in. at that point everything in drawers suddenly jumps onto a table top, boxes empty themselves onto the floor and shards of glass explode everywhere. and i mean everywhere.
it was nice while it lasted.

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  1. Helen says:

    OH tell us more about your fabulous sister she sounds spectacular!!

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