let them eat cake

who knows if Marie Antoinette actually did utter that phrase, it will forever be her catchphrase. I’ve always thought she was fascinating and now having wandered around her “home”/castle, I’m utterly enthralled. The Palace of Versailles was spectacularly over the top, ridiculously lavish and wonderfully gilded. An unexpected treat was the Grand Trianon, the royal summer home (just 1 km away) and the Petit Trianon, Marie Antoinettes enchanting little castle. I want one just like it. 
can you see it? the secret door? this is in marie antoinettes bedroom in the Grand Trianon palace. it was through the door just like this on the other side of the room where she escaped as the rebels burst into the palace to carry her to prison. 

 there’s the door open, and just to the left, why that would be her jewelry box! just imagine how much of a collection of Sailorgirl Jewelry would fit in that! 
and a quick shot of the ceiling in the Hall of Mirrors in the Palace of Versailles. I was BLOWN AWAY. so much decoration. how could one live with this much? 
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