life is short, i’m going sailing


We’re sick of sitting around.

We’re selling our boat. I think I might have mentioned it (a lot).

It hasn’t sold yet. I know it’s only been 4 weeks but I’m not one to sit around and wait patiently. To get the boat ready for sale we emptied EVERYTHING out of it. It’s amazing how much stuff you can have on a little boat. Piles of stuff. And the boat is not in the water, it’s sitting on blocks in a boatyard. We climb up the ladder to get into the boat. It doesn’t rock gently. It does sway a bit in the wind but it is not the same thing.

We promised ourselves that we’d sit here until the boat sold. We’ve done a bunch of boat projects, stuff that we’d always meant to do but didn’t because we’d rather go sailing than work on the boat. Seriously, the boat has never looked this spiffy.

And we sit and wait. And wait. And wait.

The waiting is driving us crazy. I have to get out on the water! I have to see dolphins beside the boat, and drift along lazily in a gentle breeze. Or scream along madly in a wild wind. And swim off the boat in the morning. And take pretty pictures for you to see!


So the smart thing to do would be to continue sitting here and try to sell the boat. But boats can take years to sell. Life is short, I’m going sailing.


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