liquid inspiration

It’s too darn quiet in here!!! OK, so there’s music on, but that’s not the right kind of sound. Sometimes I need to write some stuff, or make lists, or just think and I can’t do that in the hush of a silent studio. Nor can I do that in a studio with music on, even if it’s background music. I’ll spend way too much time picking the music not doing the work. And it’s so darn nice outside I don’t want to be here.

So I’m off to Crema, a lovely little coffee shop across the road. I do love writing in coffee shops. They have to be just right and this one has what it takes. First the front is a glass garage door and today it’s wide open so I don’t feel like I’m inside. The flowers are sweet and the wasps are buzzing in, I don’t mind them at all. There’s great background music on, just enough to be there without being intrusive. There’s a hum of conversations swirling around me and best of all, there is a lovely latte made by the very nice barista, Tavis. Look it’s a leaf!!! I was just thinking about making a leaf necklace, now I’ll doodle it out and see if I can’t take it a step further in my sketches. And before I know it, the article is written, the doodles are doodled and the latte has vanished. Yay!

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