london report

What a fab weekend! 3 days of great weather, tons of people strolling the park, excellent music, yes one of those weekends when i think “i can’t believe this is my job”. Definite highlight was Bruce Cockburn. Even better than the night time concert (which I heard but didn’t see as my booth was open during his set) was his 45 minute soundcheck in the morning before we opened. Sitting with an iced latte and no crowds, thanks for the bonus Bruce. I scored a great trade with my lovely neighbours, Sandy and Jazz of Cooks Gourmet. Trades are one of my favourite parts of shows. Jazz has a Yummy Candy bracelet and I’ve got a cupboard full of tapenades. I can highly recommend the Madrid Tapas, on top of a cracker with cheese it is absolutely deeeelish!

For a while on Saturday the weather started to look mighty scary, nasty black clouds, fantastic lightning and then a few little tiny raindrops. Sunday we had a wee bit of rain however most of it passed us by and we ended the show with this:

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