look closely

A long time ago in a faraway land I spent some time in a desert. I went in not knowing much about deserts and not expecting a lot. The thing about deserts is that they’re really stinking hot, so you slow down and sit. As you sit there sweltering, you start noticing small things, plants, leaves, flowers, wierd crawly things, a huge amount of life. It’s amazing how much life there is when you look closely. I was remembering this today as I strolled along the streets of Toronto in late December. It’s grey, dreary and kind of miserable. Yet as I learnt before there’s a huge amount of life if you look closely. And I started noticing small thing, red berries, yellow lichen, textures of tree trunks and this absolute treasure of a find – PANSIES!!! In December!!! There is always hope, you just have to look closely.

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