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Il pleu un peu aujourd’hui. (It rained a bit today). This meant that it was time to stop oogling buildings from the outside and go inside to oogle. And oogle I did. I stared until my eyes bugged out like some of the stone carvings. And then I stared some more. This is the foyer of the Paris Opera House. 
The dome of the auditorium was an unexpected treat. The original paintings were destroyed by the chandelier, candles and smoky gas lights will do that. A new ceiling was painted by Chagall in 1964. In a historical building that is over-the-top, having a modern painting is the perfect pairing. 

OOOOHHH!!! I saw them making baguettes this morning when I stopped for my breakfast pastry! (which was a pain aux almandes et chocolat, divine). You have no idea what a baguette is until  you have a real one fresh from the oven. Now I know. I can never go back. 

so many pastries. so little time. 
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