macaws, pirates, and bill

I have a thing for parrots. they come in pretty colours and I like pretty colours. I spent my childhood in Australia where flocks of bright coloured birds were a common sight. Budgies weren’t something you kept in a cage, they were in the trees outside along with pink and grey galahs, kookaburras and lorikeets. This is Zoe, a Catalina Macaw. Isn’t she gorgeous? Zoe was at the movie theatre the other day, it was the opening day for Pirates of the Caribbean. Of course, pirates must have a parrot, although I don’t remember Captain Jack Sparrow having a parrot. While I am not a pirate I am a sailorgirl and therefore I should have a parrot. Have you met Bill, the third member of the crew on Forbidden Planet?

read the full story of Barnacle Bill

Expect to see the new Macaw collection of Sailorgirl Jewelry soon.

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