mail call!!!

Remember being a kid and sending away for a prize from a cereal box in the mail? How you’d wait and wait and wait for the postman to bring it? Think of the joy of opening the mail box and seeing an envelope with your name hand written and stamps and postmarks. The anticipation of drawing out a card or a folded piece of paper and glancing first to see who it was from and then enjoying the letter itself.
Our online digital life has made so communication so much faster, so much easier yet sometimes it feels a tad impersonal. Writing a letter on nice paper, going to the mail box and actually mailing it gives much more weight to the sentiments, a permanence that an email can never have.

In the spirit of encouraging this
Beth Nichols is hosting the Great Stitched Postcard swap and I’m participating. Those of us involved must make a postcard based on the theme of home with whatever we want, fabric, collage, stitching, ink, anything our hearts desire. How we interpret home is up to the creator. Beth sends everyone a name and address and we mail it off.
So now I can look forward to a postcard arriving from a new friend somewhere in the world. How cool is this?

The concept of “home” is one I’ve been thinking of lately as I’ve been thinking of exploring and travel and sailing and home renovations and where I want to go for the next phase of my life. It’s a timely theme for me and I have my postcard all worked out in my mind. Now I shall make it, blog it, post it on flickr and mail it off into the wild blue yonder. Stay tuned amigos.

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  1. Louise Gale says:

    So cool and exciting, im playing too yay!

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