march contest – you could win!!!

By now I’m sure that almost everyone is completely sick of winter. So I’m going to give you one nice thing about winter, my Snow Queen Ring necklace. I need your help people. This month I have a poll for you. What do you think I should charge for shipping?

A. continue with free shipping using regular mail (5 – 12 business days in Ontario), still offering the $10 option for Xpresspost,
B. ship all packages Xpresspost (2 business days) at a cost of $10 per purchase
C. offer free shipping using regular mail, free shipping using Xpresspost for orders over $100
D. train my own fleet of carrier parrots who are fed all the crackers they want
E. suggest an option
To enter the contest and win a snow queen ring necklace email me and let me know what shipping option you think is best. The winner will be announced on April 1. (why yes, that is April Fools day isn’t it?)

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