May Contest – Monet earrings!

Life is short and we should celebrate every single day. That’s one of the reasons I like having my monthly giveaway, I like the idea of someone celebrating a free piece of jewelry, it brightens someones day. When there’s a major holiday it’s easy to celebrate, it’s the other days that it’s important to find a reason to celebrate. I’ve decided that every day I will find something to be happy about. So this month, tell me something that makes you happy and gives you a reason to celebrate. It can be something as small as a perfect cup of tea. Or a warm cookie. Or a major goal like running a 5k race. Something that made you celebrate. To enter the giveaway: email me at and tell me, and tell me what are you celebrating today. For a more chances to enter, twitter this giveaway and email me the link to the tweet. Post this on facebook and email me the link to the post! Blog it and email me the link to the post!

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