i’ll let you in on a secret, i love butterflies. how can you not love butterflies, look at how brightly coloured they are! i’ve always wanted to go to the monarch migration area in Michoacan Mexico where the winter migration ends. can you imagine seeing 10’s of 1000’s of butterflies all in one place? and this is how i know that summer is really truly on its way out. i’ve managed to ignore the few leaves that are changing (ARGH!) and the weather is sunny and warm so one could be excused for thinking, oh no, summer is still going strong. however on a stroll today i found this…

30′ high, covered in monarchs. there must have been several hundred hovering. spectacular. a pitstop on a very very long journey. canada to mexico is one long trip for one small insect.
and look what I made!!! I am so proud of this, it’s one of my first wax carving projects. And NO, it is NOT an angel wing! i have several of these sitting on my bench. i’m going to make some beads in bright orange and black for a monarch necklace. and a second will become my favourite butterfly, the morpho. a morpho is the size of a dinner plate. on the outside they look like tree bark, but when they open their wings to fly they are an iridescent blue with black outline. can’t you just see that in glass? stay tuned!

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  1. Love it!!!! Congrats on your fine work!

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