museum day
The Louvre. Overwhelming. Just wander and look. 

And of course, La Joconde, the Mona Lisa. Seriously people, I’ve had an easier time getting to the stage at arena rock shows. The crowds? The elbows? The amount of cameras was ridiculous and they are pointless because no camera will take a better photo than the professionals. Me, I took one just to show you I was there. I WAS THERE!!!

Next we were off to the Pompidou Centre, modern art to complement the classical seen at the Louvre. Huge treat was the Miro collection. And the Matisse. And the Chagall. And the Picasso. 

 The Miro are a special favourite. A while back I played with making an homage, Blue 2, in glass. Later this winter, when I have some time to play, there will be more beads inspired by artists. 

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