my daily photo – project 365

When it’s nice and sunny outside, and you’re strolling along blissfully staring at stuff it’s really easy to find interesting moments. It’s been a bit grey and drizzly this week and I’ve been mentally distracted with work stuff (boss says apparently the employee at Sailorgirl Jewelry slacked off a LOT in August!, employee says damn that boss is bitchy), remembering to look around took some effort. However that’s why I’m doing this, so that I remember to look around and not let my days just slide by. There were some great moments, a morning spent with a wee kitten who showed up in my neighbours yard, a spectacular triple creme Brie, and a huge plate of the sweetest corn of the summer. I’m not sure about making Brie coloured glass beads, however the morning glories would be a nice necklace. As always you can find each photo on my flickr site.

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  1. Kerri says:

    that cat looks so unique!

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