my latest creamy inspiration

Last weeks Creative Colour Challenge was raspberry red. After carefully studying several pints of raspberries (which had to be devoured quickly because boy do those go moldy fast!) I moved on to studying raspberries with yogurt, raspberries with cream and my all time favourite raspberries with ice cream. mmmmmmm…..
Whole raspberries on top of ice cream are delicious however as far as being a bead, not so good. A white bead with blobs of red wasn’t what I was looking for. Baskin Robbins across the road came to my rescue yet again. Raspberry ripple ice cream. Thick fuschia swirls, creamy pinks and streaks of white. Now this makes a lovely bead. And it’s calorie free!
In my store,
Coming next, butterscotch ripple, blueberry ripple. I tried my all time favourite, Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey, bad bead, I’ll need to study it more.

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