my personal vineyard
although i don’t dare attempt to make wine with these. we tried making wine once, my head still pounds with the memories. i leave that to the experts. a good glass of cabernet sauvignon is an excellent tool on the work bench, it can really add a little something to the creative process! i admit i’m more of a white wine girl, especially in my studio which is super hot with the torch and the kiln. lately i’ve been favouring a crisp riesling for those late night beading sessions. but when my grapevine starts to turn, and that nip in the air chills bare toes, it’s time to break out the reds.

one day i shall venture forth to tuscany, to brown earth, silvery green olive trees and terracota jugs of full rich red wine. in the meantime i shall make tuscan vineyard jewellery.

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  1. These look fabulous!! A new direction in colour for you. I like it …alot!

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