my project 365 – aug 1 to 9

yay! it’s aug 21 and i’m 21 days into my project 365!!! only 344 to go! it really does change your perspective when you start this. i wander around my days with the thought in my head of “oh, that would be a great shot”. i see everything in small squares. maybe because it’s so new, i wonder if i’ll still think this way in 340 days. i also spend more time noticing moments, looking at small details, trying to capture one thing that is worth noticing from the day. i definitely see more and that’s a good thing.
the whole series is on my flickr site. i update every couple of days.

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  1. Wow – what a neat project… I bet it does change your perspective!

    p.s. the fries look delicious & someday I’ll have to try some cold mexican drinking chocolate!

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