my project 365

I am a tourist in my own life.

I am embarking on a project 365. Everyday for 1 year I take a photo. Somedays I’ll take more than 1, however only 1 goes into the archive. The original 365 was for a portrait of yourself everyday. I decided to do something different – my theme is travel. I define travel not as the places you go, but the way you see the places you are.

It’s so easy to wake up one morning and realize whole months have gone by in a blink. Blink! It’s September, blink! it’s Christmas. We don’t even notice this time galloping past. Yet if you think back to your last vacation I’ll bet you remember all of it, tiny details, whole days. The difference is that you were looking around on vacation. In life you’re too busy.

My idea is to try and bring that noticing to my everyday life. To travel around my days instead of just living them. Everyday I will try and find one moment, one scene worthy of attention. It’s easy to take interesting pictures when you’re in an exotic location, my challenge is to take an interesting photo on an ordinary. day. Everyday. For one year.

My camera is a point and shoot – a Pentax Optio W30. It’s small, it’s waterproof, it’s always in my purse. I am not a professional photographer however I hope over the next year to improve my skills. Or just to have fun.

While I am taking photos daily, I will upload every couple of days. Occasionally I’ll post here, most of them will be on my Flickr site.
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2 Responses to “my project 365”
  1. Mary-Michael says:

    Hey sailorgirl! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I think you’ve set yourself up with a great challenge and I’m looking forward to see your photographs.

  2. Yay! I think you’ll love doing this. It forces you to be present each day. It’s why/how I started my own blog in 2006 – I decided to take a picture of something beautiful every day for a year…and here I am, still doing it four years later! Have fun!

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