Oh she is SO beautiful!!!!! I love my new steed. My beloved Kona Fire Mountain has retired after 17 years of faithful service. Replacing the Kona was such a hard thing, when you have that many kilometres together you really bond. Yes, we’ve had lots of great conversations. What, you don’t talk to your bike? Really? I estimate the Kona and I have logged at least 30,000 km over 17 years. We won’t even talk about how much money I saved my not riding the TTC (public transit) and driving the car. In a city like Toronto most of the time it is so much faster to ride downtown than to drive. I was very fussy in choosing my replacement. It had to be light, fast and feel quick. I wanted a good bike, but not too good as Toronto does have a high theft rate. While bright colours of course would be my first choice I’ve learnt the hard way that bright blue bikes get stolen fast. Boo. 
Enter the Trek 720. Love this bike. 
Now she needs a name. She’s a deep metallic burgundy colour, very much the colour of wine. Hmmmm… 

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2 Responses to “NEW BIKE!!!!!”
  1. Monique U. says:

    Perhaps you could employ a little bicycle flattery by choosing the name of one of the many immortal horses in Greek mythology? I would favour “Bronte”, one of the sun-god’s four steeds. After all, you could use another (almost) immortal bike!

  2. sailorgirl says:

    her name is Wine-ona. Perfect for a bike the colour of zinfandel!

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