new booth!

somehow the last 2 months, which were supposed to be my “downtime” have vanished! who stole them? where did they go? because according to my calendar this time next week i’ll be in my booth in windsor! (hi all you windsor people!!!) booth… booth… oh yeah, i was supposed to build a new booth. oops. it’s time to freshen up the display. so that pile of lumber currently sitting on my floor will somehow magically transform itself into a booth by next friday morning. (um, hello fairy godmother? do you know how to paint? please?) and all the booth stuff that i so carefully stashed in secret hidey holes has to be found. somehow i managed to cram it all into one tiny space and when i took the first thing out the rest just exploded. now if i can only find my one missing curtain…

hopefully this will magically become a fabulous, organized, beautiful booth by the end of the week. come and check out the new look!

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