new year, new notebook

Oh boy! A new year! And that means one thing, I get to start a new notebook!!!

I’ve mentioned my notebook addiction before, I LOVE notebooks. I love them so much that I have quite the collection sitting on my bookshelf. So I’ve made myself a goal for 2012, I don’t buy any new notebooks until I’ve used up some of the old ones. Sigh.

Last time I cleaned my “purse” (actually more of a suitcase), I found 6 half-used notebooks. You can’t write to do tasks in the same notebook as jewelry sketches. And business writing needs to be in a bigger notebook than doodles. You see how it goes? Every different part of my life needs it’s own notebook. The trouble with this is that I am lugging around way too much paper.

So I have culled. And I have made notebook goals. Fortunately it’s New Years and new beginnings mean a new notebook. The biggest question of today is, which of these should I use? Flowers? Birdies? Maps?

What sets the mood for 2012?

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