not my fault!!!
i tried, i really really tried. i fired up the kiln (940 degrees), i turned on the oxygen concentrators (2 streams of hot air blowing into the studio), i fired up the torch (1700 degrees) and i sat down with the best of intentions to make the necklace that i woke up thinking about. i was dreaming of ice, clean, clear, and all those fabulous pale blues that ice gets. i could see the necklace. and as i sat there getting ready i looked out my window and saw the most fabulous rose in the garden.
and i thought to myself, that looks like strawberry ice cream. yummy. and then i remembered that i also need to make some more of my new retro 70’s pendants – the ones that have a deep chocolate base. ummmm… chocolate…. it goes so well with strawberry ice cream. i picked up a mandrel and tried to get back to the ice necklace. then, just as i was putting the glass to the flame, my email beeped, “you’ve got mail”. yippeeee an order!!! oh boy, i should ship this out right now, because the post office is in the supermarket and just one aisle away from the ice cream! down went the mandrel and off went the torch. i’m off to the post office.
to confess, when standing in front of that wonderfully cold freezer, i decided that strawberry wasn’t what i wanted. it was a really tough choice. chunky monkey is always a favourite, and then there’s cherry garcia. what’s this? a new gelato? and it’s got that little blue healthy heart symbol! it’s good for me! the chocolate gelato won out, but it still needed some pink, so a tub of raspberry came along for the ride.
this working in a home studio thing has it’s benefits. and i think it’s going to be a long, long summer.

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