October 2014 giveaway! Fire opal earrings!

fire opal earrings by sailorgirl jewelryWith my upcoming birthday (happy birthday to me!) and with several requests, I’ve been thinking of birthstones. I admit, I’ve never really paid much attention to this. However they seem to be throwing themselves at me recently and when the universe throws a stone at you it is important to listen. I’m wondering, maybe I should try to make glass versions of each birthstone…

Help me out here people, I need your opinions. What is your birthstone and do you wear jewelry with this stone?

As an incentive to answering my question, this month I am giving away a pair of my fire opal earrings, because opals are the October birthstone.

To enter the giveaway: leave a comment on the blog here and tell me what is your birthstone and do you wear jewelry with this stone?

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45 Responses to “October 2014 giveaway! Fire opal earrings!”
  1. Lynn Mathieu says:

    My birthstone is amethyst and I do wear rings and earrings with my stone.

  2. sarah miller says:

    Garnet, I have a necklace but am not too fond of the stone! I do love those earrings tho a little more my colour scheme

  3. Kristen Ferris says:

    Amethyst – I love purple!

  4. Cindy Campbell says:

    Topaz! In all shades! I have rings, bracelets and necklaces, but no earrings. Also happy to wear any other gemstone!

  5. Loria K says:

    Gorgeous earrings! My birthstone (December) is blue topaz/blue zircon or turquoise. I do wear turquoise jewellery, and was recently given three blue topaz stones in Sri Lanka, so now need to have them turned into something lovely to wear. Great to hear of your travels! (PS. You might get your Scottish fix through the new Outlander series on Showcase!)

  6. Sarah Coppinger says:

    Garnet for me, and I’m not very fond of the stone either. My mother bought me a garnet ring for my birthday years ago but I must confess I only wear it when she visits. My daughter is an October baby (turning 19) and loves opal. The earrings are beautiful – what a gift they would be.

  7. Heather says:

    My birth stone is the ruby…although I do not wear them. I prefer stones that have luminescence, that have depth, that have life. I love pearls. I have several sets of your pearl earrings.

  8. Debbie Melnyk says:

    Opals are my birthstone since my birthday is Oct. 17. I’m a Libra and I love opals. I bought an opal ring with the paycheck of my first job. It was a small ring since it was a part time job when I was attending Ryerson but I still have it and love it. It’s in the shape of a butterfly. And I thought I’m not going to wait for any guy to buy me a ring, I’ll buy it myself. Good thing too because the only ring I was ever bought was my wedding ring and I didn’t get that till I was 38. In the meantime, I collected little trinkets from around the world.

  9. Peridot…and I always felt ripped off. All my friends seemed to have the cool coloured gems like red, purple or aquamarine (how awesome is that?), while I was stuck with the iceburg lettuce shade.So, no, I had some costume jewelry, but couldn’t bring myself to wear it.

  10. Cheryl Palanacki says:

    My birthstone is topaz or citrine (Yay to November birthdays!). I don’t own any jewelry with my birthstone but I am always on the lookout for a piece I love. I do love those earrings you’re offering! Gorgeous as always!

  11. Sue fox says:

    June has 2 birthstones! Alexandrite and pearls. I have a 70 year old pearl necklace that was my moms and a ring with an alexandrite stone. I wear the necklace on special occasions but never wear the ring.

  12. Donnalu says:

    I’m a May baby so emerald is my stone. I don’t wear an emerald but only because I only like the nice deep green emeralds – the expensive ones. So the day I can afford an emerald I like (or my Mom gives me her ring!), will be the day I wear emeralds.

  13. Michelle S. says:

    Garnet is my birthstone – remember receiving a ring with this stone as a special 21st birthday present.
    Now a days, I seem to appreciate the rich crimson coloured stone more then when I was younger and would be happy to wear this type of jewellery stone.

  14. Pat says:

    Diamonds. And yes I wear them. But I like other gems way more

  15. Susan Edwards says:

    May is my birthday month. Love emeralds and have rings and necklaces. Yes I would love to see how you see my stone! I also love the fire in opals as my daughter is an October baby. I was wondering about the flowers in stone as mine is lily of the valley a sweet looking flower!!

  16. jessica eapen says:

    my birthstone is emerald and i love wearing a pair of emerald stud earrings for an everyday easy look!

  17. Wendy says:

    I’m a March baby – so my birthstone is Aquamarine. It’s nice enough, and could be quite lovely as glass… but as a gemstone, it hasn’t got a great depth of colour (it’s rather pale) so it’s not my favourite. I would prefer a rich topaz or sapphire. But the idea of you creating a glass version of these is quite intriguing! In glass perhaps I’d love aquamarine! I do have a colour of pieces with the pale blue gem (all with white gold or silver findings) but I don’t wear them very often.

  18. Lynne Snee says:

    I am an April baby so my birthday stone is diamond. I love them and have several pieces of jewelry featuring these stones. I love to find the fire. . . .

  19. Sandy says:

    February – Amethyst!
    I always wear my amethyst jewellery. Rings, necklace, earrings. Purple is so pretty! And it looks great with both silver and gold.

  20. Margaret Gould says:

    My birthday is on the 17th of February; therefore my birthstone is amethyst. I am an Aquarius. I have a very nice set of earrings and a matching pendant that I love to wear. The earrings that I have had to be redesigned to become studs, because the hook ons broke. I had a silversmith do the work and he did a great job.

  21. Wendy Sewell says:

    Amethyst just isn’t my thing despite it being my birthstone. I love, love those earrings!!! You’ve created something beautiful!

  22. Cindy says:

    My birthday is in May so my birthstone is the Emerald. My parents bought me a beautiful Emerald ring when I graduated from high school. It’s too small for my finger now.
    Currently I don’t wear any Emeralds. I haven’t found a setting I really like.

  23. Susan McEvoy says:

    my birthstone is aquamarine and I do have a ring with this stone, as well, I really like the colour blue and have lots of blue jewellery, including from you of course! In my opinion, if it is not the real birthstone and only looks like it such as cz or Swarovski crystals then forget about it. You do so much cool stuff, you don’t need to venture here. Happy birthday to you!

  24. dennie says:

    till i saw your fire opals, i never considered wearing my birthstone. My October birthday just started looking bright w possibilities….

  25. Elizabeth Starr says:

    Beautiful Saphire for me (September ) I love love this stone , so vibrant and gives you wonderful Energy !! I wear earrings & necklaces . Also I love the earings you are offering plus well everything you have !! I love sailor girl!!!

  26. Susan says:

    August`s birthstone is peridot. I do where earrings with my birthstone, although I prefer the other richer colours. I have a family birthstone pendent which I commissioned and wear often. I think if you had the different birthstone coloured charms, I could easily do a family birthstone cluster with them. Perhaps a smaller version of your snow queen bead as filler and added sparkle…

  27. Barbara Chapman says:

    Hi, My birthday was just a day ago – and the birthstone is Sapphire – I do wear them! They are like the night sky … especially one with a diamond near it!
    Best wishes,

  28. Alicia says:

    My birthday is in January and my birthstone is garnet. I’ve never been a fan of it because I don’t like wearing red and I’ve never found it attractive in jewelry. I much prefer electric watermelon which I haven’t taken off since I got it.

  29. Anita says:

    My birthstone is the ruby, I have to admit that I don’t wear it. I borrow from other months and wear sapphires, emeralds, topaz and amethyst.

  30. Jan Moore says:

    Love the idea of birth stone style jewellery! Yes I owe and wear jewellery with my March birthday stone (aquamarine), earrings, brooches, necklaces and rings. Also, love the fire opal earrings ! Have a happy birthday this fall.

  31. Wendy says:

    My birthday is in December, so it is either a turquoise, or a blue zircon. I don’t typically wear either of these, and I think it’s really just a matter of whether or not you like the colour of your birthstone. I do however love the fire opal earrings – they are a very unique blend of colours. Beautiful work, as always!

  32. Nancy says:

    My birthday is in March, aquamarine is the stone, but when we got married the gemologist put a deep blue topaz in my wedding ring. I is beautiful. I wear earrings and pendants with stones all the time.
    Can’t wait for the One of a Kind show in Toronto!

  33. Elizabeth Nicholson says:

    My birthstone is peridot. I wear a peridot ring all the time.

  34. Jen Capson says:

    My birthstone is the opal! Its my fav, I have a ring and bracelet but no earrings. These are beautiful earrings!

  35. Fiona says:

    February is the month and Amethyst is the stone. I do wear this stone as I looooove purple.

  36. Nathan Lapointe says:

    My birth month is June, which is Alexandrite or pearl. I’ve never seen Alexandrite before but it looks beautiful.

  37. Jana Skladan says:

    My birth month is October, so the earrings would be perfect for me :) I do not own anything with this stone but I would wear it if I had it. The earrings are beautiful.

  38. Kathleen says:

    Happy Birthday Dear Catherine!
    Sapphire is my birthstone. I have a wonderful sentimental piece: when my parents were married 25 years, my Mom decided to have her engagement diamond re-set into a more ‘contemporary’ setting. She had a sapphire set into the original setting. About 5 years later, she gave the ring to me. This was many, many years ago. I cherish the ring and wear it on special occasions.
    I also have a beautiful pair of earrings given to me as a gift when I finished my master’s degree (made the work worthwhile!).
    The sapphire is a beautiful stone.
    I hope you are having a wonderful trip!

  39. Genevieve says:

    My birthstone is garnet and I have always been jealous of other birth stones I wish mine was brighter!

  40. Alison Tranter says:

    Hi Catherine, My sister in law introduced me to your website(Linda Henley (Tranter)) and I love your jewelery.
    For the record my birthstone is a ruby(saw only two others with July bdays on this list!) and I have a pair of Celtic earrings with rubies that I received on my 40th wedding anniversary(ruby anniversary) and I had to hint very vigorously to get them!! I would be more than happy to wear your prize October earrings.

  41. John Hutchens says:

    my birthstone is diamond and I do wear it in jewelry

  42. Jacqueline says:

    My birthstone is also ruby. I do not have any ruby jewelry. There are other birthstones that I prefer such as diamond and sapphire. Diamonds are by far my favourite!

  43. Tori Norris says:

    I absolutely love my birthstone, Sapphire. The color is deep and rick and looks great in any jewelry. I had a ring I wore every day for years that my dad had bought me until unfortunately I lost the stone in it, but yes, I do wear jewelry with my birthstone in it.

    Ironically enough, opal is my mother’s birthstone.

  44. Marguerite Setterington says:

    My birthstone is emerald. I have a pair of emerald earring that I received for a special birthday and I love them.

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