oh mon dieu
seriously, another drop dead unbelievably gorgeous building? is there no end to them? how can there be this many amazing buildings? and i haven’t even gone into many yet!!! i’m still wandering around staring. this is the opera. seriously. wow. 
and of course there’s musicians outside of the opera. because who doesn’t bring a piano with them for a quick outside session. 

and the flowers. don’t even get me started on the flower shops. OMG. the colour. the scents. the displays!!!!! this shop is about 150 square feet and is only roses. i followed my nose for 2 blocks because of the scent. 

and todays fabulous discover, mini-pastries!!! picture a beautiful selection of pastries in tiny, 3 bite size. i am in heaven. i’d show you, but um…. well… i was so excited they vanished. 
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