on the bike path


tortsometimes a girl has to stretch her sea legs. we borrowed a couple of bikes from some friends and took off for the day on a bike path we found. it’s kind of remote here, and scrubby. not a lot of tall trees, not a lot of flowers. this is the sort of landscape that at first glance you think, hmmm…. wow…. not much to see at all. this is after all reclaimed swamp land. it’s the sort of landscape that requires really looking. and when you really look there are all sorts of things to see.

heronlike these guys. all of these just wandered in front of my bike. so i stopped and chatted with each of them for a bit. well, except for the snake. we chatted from a very respectful distance. i have no idea what kind of snake it is, but i am not really a fan of any snake. but they are pretty. snake


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