Once upon a time in a land far away (yes very far away, New Zealand in fact) a princess was born. Well, she believed she was a princess and still does sometimes. Annually to celebrate her princess-ness on October 5 she dons her tiara, eats cake and drinks champagne.
So here I sit with my tiara and my cake – chocolate with raspberry cream. The champagne is chilling in the fridge for later. All that’s missing in my little party are guests and gifts. I’ve lots of gifts for me, how about gifts for you, my online guests? Think of this as your loot bag at my virtual birthday party.

A special one day only sale! 25% off!!!

Use discount code BDAY25 when you check out at either of my online stores!!!

Sailorgirl Jewelry – my fabulous glass collection
Bonjour World Jewelry – my silver collection

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  1. Happy Happy Birthday. As I was reading I was wishing to be there, celebrating with the chocolate and raspberry cream cake and OMG, that sparkling Champagne!!And now I remember I have to pick my prize at the online store!

    Enjoy this very special day, Wishing you tons of sales!!

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