one dot two dots three dots more dots

so by now you’ve figured out that i have a thing for colour. it can never be bright enough in my opinion. and then there’s my thing for dots. i like dots. when i decided that the hallway to my studio needed just a little something to brighten it up it had to be bright dots. i thought about painting dots however i realized that would be way too time consuming. which is why i decided to use vinyl decals. oh no, that’s not time consuming. maybe sticking a couple of dots on wouldn’t suck up an entire day however i had ordered 2025 dots. yup, you read right, 2025 dots. it’s a big hallway. actually i have a couple of hundred left over, just the wee ones. now when you open the door downstairs and think “is this the right place?” all you have to do is follow the dots to find me.

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