ooh la la!

mais out mes amis, c’est la tour eiffel! voulez-vous une verre du vin blanc avec moi en paree?
ok, high school french was a while ago and contrary to what most americans think not all of us in canada are bilingual. my french these days is limited to what’s on the back of the cereal box although frankly first thing in the morning isn’t exactly my brightest time of the day. and no, when i venture to paree i do not want some “flocons de mais” (cornflakes). i would of course prefer une verre du vin, blanc or rouge will depend on the weather of course. and on the cheese, for there must be cheese. ahhh…. cheese….yummy….
in the meantime look at the eiffel tower i made!!! i LOVE it! originally i was thinking of using this as a centre with beads around it, but i’ve been wearing it as is. parisian beads haven’t spoken to me yet. but i think i might make a wee french poodle… halfway up the chain… and maybe a mini wine glass… and a silver wedge of cheese… a cafe table… i see a parisian charm bracelet appearing in my future.
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