play days

nothing like a deadline to stir the creative juices. it’s midnight and i’ve just turned off the torch. you’d think that with the enormous stash of beads on my workbench that i’d be fine but no, i’ve got to make more because these aren’t the right beads. and i’ve only got 2 more days until my trunk show/gallery opening. and i’ve got a bazillion ideas in my head and only 2 hands. all my new ideas need new beads. why did these brilliant ideas not occur to me last week? because it was not the night before that’s why. there’s just something about that looming deadline that kicks the brain into creative gold. pictures to follow in the morning…

of course even though it’s midnight i can’t go to sleep because i’ve only just turned off the torch and i’ve still got bead brain. i’m debating on going back to work… i love being self-employed. if the inspiration strikes go with the flow.

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  1. Matt says:

    Sailor Girl… Where are you!! It’s been over a month since your last update. I hope that means you’ve been on the water.

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