recipe for a summer day

Start the day with an iced latte, the morning paper and french toast with a fresh blueberry sauce (so pretty!!!). Hop on bike and ride uphill to your studio. Play with hot glass for a couple of hours, so much fun!!!

Hop on bike and ride to the west side of town. Meet sister at a park where there’s a fantastic weekly farmers market. Sample organic french fries with homemade ketchup, cold mexican drinking chocolate, which is seriously the best thing ever, tibetan momo’s, 4 kinds of goat cheese, hot potato screamers, popcorn sprouts (who knew you could sprout corn?), fresh ginger cookies and loads of fruit.
Hop back on your trusty steed (also known as your bike) and bike off to a local river. Join a kayak group for an introductory kayaking lesson for 2 hours. Paddle down the river watching cormorants, white herons and gulls. Do not hear any city noises. Do not fall in, yay!!! Watch the sunset. Hop back on the bike and ride 20 km home. Pour a glass of wine and fall asleep after drinking only half. And it’s only monday!!!
Aaahhhhh….. isn’t summer fabulous?
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2 Responses to “recipe for a summer day”
  1. Helen says:

    ummm… ‘sample’ the fries? sure, we’ll go with that…

  2. danikeith says:

    sounds like a perfect day! thanks for sharing : )

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